Compression Spirals

9/32″ (.281″) & .265″

At first glance you might wonder what purpose a 9/32″ or .265″ diameter CNC spiral would serve in your cabinet production. 

In the cabinet industry there are multiple ways to do a cabinet back, the “captured back” being one of the most common. The captured back style is an excellent method because it is a very sturdy cabinet design keeping the cabinet back enclosed.

Most of our customers do 1/4″ cabinet backs and cut the groove with a standard 1/4″ downcut spiral. The challenge with this method is the groove has to be cut in two passes to create a 1/4″ oversized groove that the 1/4″ melamine will fit into. With our new 9/32″ and .265″ compression spirals, the groove can be cut in one single pass. This effectively reduces machine time by 50%.

We designed these bits to be a compression mortise-end spiral which will eliminate chipping at the top of your melamine while the upcut portion will preserve the longevity and cut life of the tool. 

Another advantage these bits offer is the 7/8″ cut length. This will allow you to cut out your cabinet components in addition to cutting the groove for the 1/4″ cabinet backs saving you machine time in tool changes. 

So Which One Works Best?