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LM6300 v SM6300

This is a question we often get asked. Both the LM6300 and SM6300 blades are industrial quality, and will excel in cutting finish material. So what sets one apart from the other? 

Chip-Free Melamine Trim Blades

By now in the cabinet industry, most cabinets along with their components are made up of double-sided melamine. This is due to melamine being decorative, versatile, and highly durable.

9/32" & .265" Compression Spirals

Most of our customers do 1/4″ cabinet backs and cut the groove with a standard 1/4″ downcut spiral. The challenge with this method is the groove has to be cut in two passes to create a 1/4″ oversized groove that the 1/4″ melamine will fit into. With our new 9/32″ and .265″ compression spirals, the groove can be cut in one single pass. This effectively reduces machine time by 50%.