LM6300 v SM6300 – Which to Choose

This is a question we often get asked. Both LM6300 and SM6300 are industrial quality blades which excel in cutting finish material. So, what sets one apart from the other?


The LM6300 and SM6300 are 100 Tooth count blades with a zero or negative degree hook angle. This will provide a cleaner cut while eliminating tearing on the bottom side. Another critical factor in the design of these blades is the 4 Tooth + Raker Grind. The 4 ATB teeth cut from the outside in which eliminates chipping. Every 5th tooth is a raker and cleans out the chips in the cut.

Heat is the number one enemy when trying to keep your blades sharp. Fortunately, the LM6300 and SM6300 are both high polish plates. Therefore, it reduces heat and resin build up over time – improving longevity.



Extended Life Carbide (Sub Micron Grade)

The SM6300 has XL4000 Extended Life Sub Micron Grade Carbide, and the LM6300 has Industrial C4 Grade Carbide. Both blades provide the same cut quality out of the box. When it comes right down to it the SM6300 will go longer in between sharpenings.