Royce//AYR 16100600 Miter Joint Saw Blade (ATB) 10 Inch X 60T, 5/8″ Bore



  • Tooth configuration: 4 ATB + 1 Raker
  • Cutting Material: TC
  • Expansion slots: Cu plugged
  • Hook: 0° – Neg 15°
  • Kerf: 0.126″
  • Bore: 5/8″

Industrial miter joint saw blades. For smooth trim cuts on miter saws. Good for mouldings, trim, picture frames and crown mouldings.

For Industrial applications. Minimal run out in saws provide precise cuts. Micro Grain carbide for extended life before sharpening is required. Large tips allow for multiple sharpenings.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × .110 × .110 in


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